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  • n. X-ray radiation


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  • Also known as X-radiation, X-rays is a form of electromagnetic radiation.

    X-Rays Google Doodle Honors The X-Ray's 115th Anniversary

  • And with these still finer phenomena were captured: X-radiation, radio-wave transmission, coherent light.

    The Nature of Technology

  • When the eruption was ongoing, it produced prodigious amounts of radio and X-radiation, but after several million years, the radio signal faded from view as the electrons radiated away their energy.

    Black Hole Eruption | Impact Lab

  • These wireless devices emit high-frequency microwave radiation, recently demonstrated by European researchers to efficiently inflict the same horrific damage on human cells as X-radiation.

    Gerneration X'd out: An end to the human race as we know it?

  • Accept the well-documented fact that microwave radiation from wireless devices is as mutagenic, teratogenic and dangerous to fetuses and infants as ionizing X-radiation and gamma waves.

    Microwave Technology: An End to the Human Race

  • Nearly 20 years elapsed before the American public was sufficiently warned about the dangers of X-radiation during pregnancy.

    Microwave Technology: An End to the Human Race

  • But how many school girls today understand that sitting with wireless computers on their laps exposes their ova to the equivalent of continuous X-radiation?

    Microwave Technology: An End to the Human Race

  • For ecological modules we deal with monochromatic electromagnetic radiation MER, explicitly, with IR and VL incoming from the Sun, despising other kinds of radiation like X-radiation, Gamma Radiation, etc., which unquestionably can be transformed into other forms of energy, or that can cause vibratory and oscillatory molecular motions that release energy in the form of heat.

    Unthreaded #11 « Climate Audit

  • Among those, number one, in addition to actually being able to monitor the presence of X-radiation, we can also detect the presence of neutrons.

    CNN Transcript Nov 16, 2002

  • But there were theories based on the wave picture, treating both the electrons and the X-radiation as waves, also giving the correct wave length shift.

    The Dual Nature of Light as Reflected in the Nobel Archives


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