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  • Extensible stylesheet language, any of a family of languages in which code can be written to describe how XML files are to be transformed.


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  • Because the style sheet contains elements from different documents, name - spaces are used to organize these elements: • The xsl namespace is used for the XSL vocabulary.

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  • Xml. Xsl to perform a transform using a supplied XSL style sheet.

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  • Experience using Extensible Style Sheet languages such as XSL and tranformations using XSLT and rendering/formatiing techniques with XSL-FO.

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  • XLink Previous chapters have looked at some of the so-called companion XML standards such as XSL, CSS, DOM, and SAX.

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  • A couple comments: a. the API is pretty straight-forward, I think their PHP examples are overly complex - you could get much better mileage with a little XSL instead of the few hundred lines of script they wrote …

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  • The USA also has three professional indoor leagues: XSL, NISL, PASL

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  • The data was passed untouched through and processed using XSL to render the HTML result for the client.

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  • The XML did not completely resemble the original, but it was close enough for the XSL to work.

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  • This was not quite as easy as expected and it took several attempts to get the XML in a condition where it resembled the original, this was a goal in itself, since I wanted to avoid making changes to the XSL.

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  • JSON objects are easily created (though rarely RFC-4627 compliant) and if one wanted an XSL transform could take a POX and make it into a JSON object.

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