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  • TBB LAND OF XANTH buy door Eye live inn the Land of Xanth, witch is disstinked from Mundania inn that their is magic inn Xanth and nun inn Mundania.

    Labor Policy

  • It feels unspeakably cruel to compare anyone to Piers Anthony, but reading Day of the Minotaur was less like being transported to the ancient world and more like an unpleasant reminder of how many hours I spent in Xanth as a kid before I realized that creepy books written by older guys about young girls and their panties made me uncomfortable for good reason.

    the soul must see through the body’s eyes « paper fruit

  • Your presence in the land called Xanth has been discovered by a young Mundane woman.

    Up In A Heaval

  • "Their visit to Xanth is to give them a break from routine life, so as maybe to get a new slant on their relationship," Kim said.

    Xone of Contention

  • This was to have a significant consequence for Xanth, which is why I mention it.

    Question Quest

  • The human influence in the peninsula slowly declined, ushering in what was called Xanth's Dark Age, had anyone noticed or cared before it was too late.

    Question Quest

  • "If they ever get the notion Xanth is a threat to them, they might use a giant catapult to lob in firebombs -" He broke off, shaking his head as though at some horrible thought.

    A Spell For Chameleon

  • Nobody even mentioned Piers Anthony and his "Xanth" series.

    MIND MELD: The Funniest Writers in the History of SF/F

  • (Never thought I'd use "Xanth" and "maturity" in the same sentence, but there you are.)

    slayground: Books for the Ages: or, Why I Don't Use the Term MG

  • After the Narnia books, the ones that really captured my imagination were the Xanth books by Piers Anthony.

    MIND MELD: What Book Introduced You to Fantasy?


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