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  • A trademark used for a landscaping method that employs drought-resistant plants in an effort to conserve resources, especially water.


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  • LNG Vice President Bill Henry sent a letter to regulators on Thursday stating the company had responded to all public inquiries and the trucks would not disturb popular spots such as Xeriscape Park, the Neotropical Bird Sanctuary and Town Hall.

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  • Nevada has developed its own 'Xeriscape' energy resources, and our lifestyles are negatively impacting the one resource that all Arizona, the Hoover Dam is a symbol of human engineering might. - Articles related to U.S. airline industry once again goes under scrutiny

  • Xeriscape, a low-water landscape, makes good sense in the Southwest.

    Pamper your pet's paws outdoors

  • Xeriscape landscaping is a great way to design, install and maintain your plants and irrigation system so that you save time, money and water

    Lissa Coffey: Watching The World's Water Quality And Quantity

  • Xeriscape is actually a trademark of the Denver Water utility, so water-wise landscaping has emerged as the generic term.

    Buzzword: Water-Wise Landscaping

  • Landscape, the source word, led to coinages of seascape, moonscape, cityscape and Xeriscape, “parks created with little need for water.”

    No Uncertain Terms

  • Xeriscape landscaping at its most austere, the carefully scattered cactuses, boulders, and desert plants had the look of modern sculpture in the courtyard of an art museum, softened only by the rises and falls of the ground and the sprinkled clumps of delicate grasses.

    A Darker Place

  • Commissioners indicated they were supportive of staff making this type of decision, but Commissioner Eric Kauffman said he was disappointed that planning staff seemed to discount the idea of a Xeriscape approach in this case.

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  • Xeriscape is not just rocks and cactus, a limited group of plants, or a certain "look." :

  • DiFrancesco is a Horticulturist and Conservation Specialist with the City's Environmental and Sustainability Division where she educates Mesa residents and professionals about Xeriscape, water conservation, living green and sustainability.

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