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  • A river of central and northern Brazil rising in several streams and flowing about 1,979 km (1,230 mi) generally northward to the Amazon River at the head of the Amazon delta.

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  • proper n. A major river in Brazil that flows north into the Amazon delta.
  • proper n. Cultural reservation in central Brazil, in the state of Mato Grosso.
  • proper n. Any of several indigenous tribes of Amerind peoples who live in the Xingu reservation.


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  • Annual rainfall in middle Xingu is 1,500 to 2,000 millimeters (mm).

    Tapajós-Xingu moist forests

  • I order a Brazilian import called Xingu, and walk outside to pull the fleece saddle off Pegasus's sweaty back.

    Richard Bangs: Skullduggery on Easter Island (Part II of II)

  • The Xingu was the first plane Embraer developed on its own that was not intended mainly for sale to the Air Force.

    Strategic Management in Developing Countries Case Studies

  • The tribe lived in the Xingu, which is part of Brazil's first Indian reservation.

    The Full Feed from

  • "Xingu --" she murmured, as if seeking in her turn to gain time.


  • "Xingu --" she said, as if seeking in her turn to gain time.

    Xingu 1916

  • In spite of the fact that the social conventions they lampoon have, in most cases, merely metamorphosed into contemporary equivalents in our society--in "The Descent of Man," an exasperated scientist writes a parody of inspirational religious fiction which is then taken seriously, becoming a massive bestseller; in "Xingu," a self-important reading group and their officious visiting author are taken in by their most uneducated member when she dares them to admit their ignorance of the titular subject--the passage of time has rendered most of the comedic stories in The Muse's Tragedy brittle and not a little bit obvious.

    Old New York, New Wyoming: Two Short Story Collections

  • From our hometown we drove to Barra do Garça, on the banks of the Araguaia River, and from there to the farm, in the São José do Xingu municipality, better known as “Bang” or “São José do Bang Bang”.

    New Weekly Contest: Best Hunting Story Wins a Leatherman

  • I take a long draw from my Xingu, drink in the glazed Pacific horizon, and the splendidly lonely landscapes of the island.

    Richard Bangs: Skullduggery on Easter Island (Part II of II)

  • Environmental groups had gone to the Brazilian courts in order to prevent licensing of the project, which they say could damage wildlife and hurt the lives of Indians who depend on Xingu River, where the dam will be built.

    Brazil Approves Hydroelectric Dam


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