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  • n. A hard synthetic yttrium aluminum garnet used in laser technology and as a gemstone.

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  • Yttrium aluminium garnet, a synthetic material used in lasers and formerly as an artificial gemstone.


y(ttrium) + a(luminum) + g(arnet)1.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • These lasers include nd: YAG lasers and diode lasers.

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  • At the Centennial branch, Alison Baird (that's her reading in the picture at right) and I were in a large multi-purpose room packed with more than 100 teens, members of an incredibly popular after-school library group (YAG, it's called -- Youth Action Group, if I remember correctly).

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  • Dermabrasion, a technique to vaporize the skin by way of electrocautery or ablative lasers such as CO2 or erbium: YAG lasers, can remove raised scars.

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  • Green ink responds only to the ruby laser, for example, and red responds only to the Nd:YAG.

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  • At Mount Sinai we did an in vivo study to see if pigment lasers Q-switched Nd:YAG could change the DNA or cause mutations in skin cells.

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  • Old-school blue and black inks are the easiest to remove because pigment-specific lasers, such as the ruby and YAG, target those dark colors successfully.

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  • An exception to this rule: certain birthmarks around the eye and on the back, called “the nevus of Ito and Ota” respectively, are more common in darker skin types and are treated with the Nd:YAG laser.

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  • A pigment-specific laser such as Nd:YAG can get rid of sunspots and brown spots on the backs of the hands.

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  • If there are a few that stand out, or to decrease the overall number, I use a YAG or ruby laser the kinds that target pigment to get rid of them.

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  • There are fractional erbium:YAG lasers the type I use in my office and fractional CO2 lasers, which are much more intense.

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