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  • abbr. Abbreviation of You ain't (aren't) gonna need it. (It is a reminder to software developers not to add functionality to software until it is required.)


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  • In real-world applications is mostly impossible to implement an ideal solution, trying to solve by one principle you can break another, such as YAGNI or over design …

    ASP.NET Weblogs

  • There's an argument to be made for applying YAGNI principles to some of your design but I don't know if data cleansing is one of those. - The SQL Server blog spot on the web

  • The techniques we used were YAGNI, KISS, DRY, "the simplest thing that could possibly work", and evolutionary design. sharpoverride wrote re: Context and Best Practices

    TechEd Bloggers Editor's Picks

  • It's also simple, and practical, so you won't be offending the YAGNI police.

    Udi Dahan - The Software Simplist

  • I'm normally coding librar ies, where YAGNI is ofte [...]

    Planet Python

  • YAGNI. inclusion of Open Space at PDC 2008 this year.

    Managed World

  • A higher principle of agile is YAGNI (You ain't gonna need it) until you need it.

    you've been HAACKED

  • YAGNI position; we choose to implement a little bit less generality to get a large cost savings, with the assumption that hardly anyone would benefit from that spending.

    MSDN Blogs

  • Continuous Pair Programming Integration Planning Poker Refactor Simple Design (YAGNI)

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  • Continuous Pair Programming Integration Planning Poker Refactor Simple Design (YAGNI) Test Driven Development

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