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  • n. Symbol for the yottacoulomb, an SI unit of electric charge equal to 1024 coulombs.
  • prototype cargoplane (prefix)


Combination of prefix C and prefix modifier Y (Wiktionary)


  • The avalanching interest in YC is on full display during its Demo Day.

    The Disruptor In The Valley

  • Plenty of Valley insiders could do without all that hype, especially when the result is having to pay more for stakes in YC's offspring.

    The Disruptor In The Valley

  • Of the 36 startups in YC's recent class, ended in August, 30 have raised fresh capital, many of them over $1 million.

    The Disruptor In The Valley

  • Mah had a working prototype when she applied to join YC for the summer.

    The Disruptor In The Valley

  • YC preaches "make something people want" as an engineering task,

    What Startups Are Really Like

  • The immense value of the peer group of YC companies, and facing similar obstacles at similar times. which shouldn't be that surprising, because that's why it's structured that way.

    What Startups Are Really Like

  • Recently we managed to recruit her to help us run YC when she's not busy with architectural projects.

    What Kate Saw in Silicon Valley

  • I was told I shouldn't mention founders of YC-funded companies in this list.

    Five Founders

  • I'd noticed that startups we funded would usually grind to a halt when they switched to raising money, but I didn't remember exactly why till YC raised money itself.

    Ramen Profitable

  • I saw it immediately, and so did a YC founder I read the list to.

    What Startups Are Really Like


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