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  • n. The Hebrew Tetragrammaton representing the name of God.

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  • proper n. known as the "Tetragrammaton", the four Hebrew letters יהוה which are transliterated into the Latin alphabet as YHWH (or IHVH, JHVH, or YHVH).

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  • n. a name for the God of the Old Testament as transliterated from the Hebrew consonants YHVH


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  • The God of Israel uses the title YHWH Lord but the essence of Yahshevah is ‘Sheen’ meaning the cosmic fire from the Christ Spirit.

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  • Although we have followed the RSV in referring to the names of the God of Israel within the quotations, we have used the name YHWH inourtext to designate the tetragrammaton or explicit name of God.

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  • One thing I totally missed last year was this crazy looking vinyl figure by Mark Ryden which is simply called YHWH, which is taken from the painting of the same name.

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  • However, the term "Spirit" when referring to the Third Person of YHWH is the best English can come up with.

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  • This alleged contradiction could easily be harmonized by simply positing that the name YHWH fell out of use during the time the children of Israel spent in Egypt, and that it was at the burning bush that the use of God's personal Name was restored.

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  • This anonymous writer is simply referred to as "J" because this writer suddenly begins using the name YHWH for the deity rather than the plain


  • The name YHWH declares God as the self-existent one, the one who has life in himself and from whom the existence of everything else is derived:

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  • 1 The Name of YHWH is coded controls the primary activities: the within every biochemical function genetic blueprint of life for a given in our body, especially within the evolutionary order.

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  • Faith in YHWH, Jesus Christ or Allah, faith in Obama or Bush (as absurd as that may sound), faith in friends, faith in yourself, faith in the general benevolence of human beings — these are not just intellectual judgements of a deity’s existence, a president’s competence and integrity, a mate’s dependability, one’s own ability, the altruism of people in general.

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  • Jewish mystics noted that the sacred name of God in Hebrew, YHWH, a name written in the Bible but never pronounced aloud by pious Jews, might itself be understood as the sound of human breath -- an inhalation YH and an exhalation WH.

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