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  • n. The putative author of the earliest sources of the Hexateuch in which God is consistently referred to by the Tetragrammaton.

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  • The author of the passages of the Old Testament, esp. those of the Hexateuch, in which God is styled Yahweh, or Jehovah; the author of the Yahwistic, or Jehovistic, Prophetic Document (J); also, the document itself.


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  • The ancient, so-called Yahwist source used here employs the name Yahweh long before the time of Moses.

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  • This theory posits that the Pentateuch is composed of four principal sources, termed Yahwist, Elohist, Deuteronomic, and Priestly, which were written between the time of Israel's united monarchy and the end of the Babylonian exile.

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  • The Yahwist creation story in Genesis (the second creation story) has God forming Eve out of Adam's rib, and Adam exclaiming their unity ("this is at last bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh").

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  • The Elohist Creation of Genesis 1, in contrast to the Yahwist Creation of Genesis 2, carries over much of that elder cosmogony into the mythos of the monotheist God-King.


  • The vivid voice of the Yahwist source woven through the precise and prosaic tones of the priestly authority brings unexpected life to a story often reduced to a recitation of the animals boarding two by two to amuse small children.

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  • Perhaps Homer rendered Plato even more troubled, for even the most luminous exchanges in the dialogues cannot challenge the heroic pathos of the Iliad, which, with the Yahwist [aka "J"], Dante, Cervantes, and Shakespeare, continues to set the standard for high literature.

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  • Bible, but the one who interests me and always has and always will, is the original one, the first Straha, traditionally called J or the Yahwist, probably written as early as the reign of Solomon, 3,000 years ago, in which most certainly he is as I say a stern imp, up to

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  • Indeed, many biblical specialists continue to believe that the earliest source of the Pentateuch is the J, or Yahwist, document—and that it was compiled in Judah in the era of David and Solomon, in the tenth centuryBCE.

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  • Scholars gave the name “J” to the Yahwist source spelled Jahvist in German and “E” to the Elohist source.

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  • Conch Shell explained to her that the First Temple had teemed with sexual activity from the night of its dedication onward, even, to some extent, when under strict Levite (Yahwist) control.

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