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  • In such collections as Kokhavim ba-Deli (Stars in the Bucket, 1957) and Shalom, Yeladim she created whimsical, playful rhyming works: poems such as “Ha-Gedi shel ha-Haggadah,” in which the speaker announces her plan to hide the kid of Had Gadya before Passover, or “Shetei Ahayot” (Two Sisters), which tells of two rhyme “sisters,” mitriyyah (umbrella) and pitriyyah (mushroom), who suddenly meet and discover all that they have in common.

    Anda Pinkerfeld Amir.

  • While working as a nursery school teacher she wrote her first stories for children (Stories for Rama, Mischievous Mookie, Kushi and Nushi), most of which first appeared in Devar li-Yeladim.

    Yemima Tchernovitz-Avidar.

  • Iyyunim be-Sifrut Yeladim 5 (1992): 25 – 33; Wilensky, Yehudah Leib Nisan.

    Miriam Yalan-Stekelis.

  • At the same time, the teachers at Neve ha-Yeladim took care to inculcate in their young charges universal values whose roots were firmly implanted in Judaism: love of humankind, respect for all human beings and the Kantian principle which holds that no person is ever a means to an end but is always the end itself.

    Dalia Dorner.

  • Like the women writers who preceded her, Goldberg published her first poems in Davar li-Yeladim, shortly after her aliyah.

    Children's Literature in Hebrew.

  • In 1929, before Davar li-Yeladim came on the scene, she published her first poems in Gilyonot le-Gan ha-Yeladim (Booklets for kindergartens), edited by the writer and poet Levin Kipnis, who sought to introduce educational material written in Hebrew into the preschool curriculum.

    Children's Literature in Hebrew.

  • In Hashkafot Olam ve-Hishtakfutan be-Sifrut Yeladim, 115 – 139.

    Miriam Yalan-Stekelis.

  • Fania Bergstein (Szczucin, Poland, 1908 – Kibbutz Gevat, 1950) immigrated to Palestine in 1930 and published her first poems in Davar li-Yeladim.

    Children's Literature in Hebrew.

  • In Sifrut ha-Yeladim ha-Ivrit, 1900 – 1948, vol. 2, 539 – 550.

    Miriam Yalan-Stekelis.

  • Her next collection of stories, Me-Hayyei ha-Yeladim be-Erez Israel (From the lives of children in Palestine), published initially by Hemdah Ben-Yehuda in Olam Katan (1902, 1903) and later in Jerusalem (1903), was followed by the collection Bi-Yemei ha-Bazir (In the grape-picking season, 1907).

    Children's Literature in Hebrew.


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