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  • abbr. zero population growth


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  • In the 1970s there was much discussion about the number of people the planet could support and the acronym ZPG (zero population growth) was in common use.

    Nicholas D. Kristof

  • The ZPG is a small cult allowed a once and a while appearance, and as probable this piece of crap commentary appeared next to some LaRaza racist's piece detailing his races 'desire to colonize America with 100s of millions more of his perfect people.

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  • And now that the retroactive ZPG laws have gone into effect we have been able to acquire such beautiful creatures as the Bengal.

    365 tomorrows » 2010 » April : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • Moreover, because the people who practice ZPG tend to be affluent and Caucasian or Asian, and the people breeding like rabbits tend to be Latinos, African-Americans, and poor Whites, you run into a brick wall of political correctness.

    Getting to third base with our pristine Columbia Gorge (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • Well, ZPG, you might check out the biggest Natural Gas company in the indigenous U.S.,

    Priorities « PubliCola

  • Even though some student organizers emphasized that the baby boom among middle-class Americans was the main cause of “overpopulation” in the United States, the alliance between birth control advocates and ZPG was an uneasy one.

    Earth Day and the Pill « Knitting Clio

  • Based on his experience working with black community groups, he had “personal problems” with ZPG, “one, because their rhetoric could be taken by the black communities as genocidal and two, because they seem to be often politically in adept.” this comes from a letter in the PPFA archives at Smith College

    Earth Day and the Pill « Knitting Clio

  • Pellegrom warned of the dangers of affiliating with ZPG, however.

    Earth Day and the Pill « Knitting Clio

  • ZPG started a regional group in Connecticut in 1972 in order to lobby for better family planning services in the state and removal of state laws prohibiting abortion.

    Earth Day and the Pill « Knitting Clio

  • Officials at Planned Parenthood Federation of America were especially cautious about the appeal of ZPG on college campuses.

    Earth Day and the Pill « Knitting Clio


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