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  • n. A student who holds a scholarship established by the will of Cecil J. Rhodes that permits attendance at Oxford University for a period of two or three years.


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  • Almost immediately there is an attempt on Zal's life that Lila only just manages to stop and the book moves on quickly from there.

    REVIEW: Keeping it Real by Justina Robson

  • Zal's decision to live among humans and do unelven things such as eat meat and exist as a celebrity has made him many enemies among his own people in Alfheim, some of whom have made threats against him.

    Keeping It Real by Justina Robson

  • RUMSFELD: Look, Zal's got his job, the prime minister's got his job and I've got my job.

    CNN Transcript Oct 26, 2006

  • Saum and Zal both pleaded Zal's cause before Minuchihr, who relented when he heard from the astrologers that a good and mighty warrior would come of the union.

    National Epics

  • Zal's remonstrances were of no avail: the headstrong Kai-Kaus marched into Mazinderan, and, together with his whole army, was conquered, imprisoned, and blinded by the power of the White

    National Epics

  • The reason we say almost is that Zal's abilities that help the Prince progress are triggered by holding down any direction on the d-pad then following this up with some stylus moves.

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