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  • proper n. An industrial city on the Dnieper river of south-central Ukraine, administrative centre of Zaporizhia province.
  • proper n. Zaporizhia province (oblast), in south-eastern Ukraine.
  • proper n. The region “beyond the rapids” in the lower reach of the river Dnieper in Ukraine, base of the Zaporozhian Cossacks.


From the historical region of the same name, Ukrainian Запоріжжя (Zaporížžja, "place beyond the rapids"), from за (za, "beyond") + пороги (poróhy, "rapids"), plural of поріг (poríh, "river rapid, threshold"). Compare Russian Запорожье (Zaporóž’e). (Wiktionary)


  • The diesel-electric sub, called Zaporizhia, is being repaired in a floating dock at a shipyard belonging to the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

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  • It was located on an island in the middle of the Dnieper River in what is now the Zaporizhia region of Ukraine. - Articles related to Australia mining firm strikes gold in RP

  • In particular, consumers in Dnipropetrovsk region owe over UAH 441 million to Naftogaz, while Donetsk region owes UAH 504 million, Zaporizhia region UAH 166 million, Crimea UAH 104 million, Luhansk region UAH 197 million, Odesa region UAH 176 million, and Kharkiv region UAH 439 million.

  • SBU chief in Zaporizhia region, Serhiy Kachurovsky SBU chief in Rivne region.

  • Yanukovych appoints chiefs of SBU branches in Zaporizhia, Sumy, Rivne regions

  • Service of Ukraine (SBU) in Zaporizhia, Sumy and Rivne regions.

  • In November neo-Nazi skinheads and Indian engineering students battled in a mass fist-fight involving hundreds in Zaporizhia in the heart of the country's industrial east. - Articles related to 'Arab summit is political theatre'

  • Medvedko, born in Zaporizhia region in 1955, celebrated his birthday on July 25.

  • Zaporizhia-based OJSC Motor Sich plans to set up a joint venture with the Defense Ministry of Russia by the end of 2010 to manufacture TV3-117VMA-SBM1V helicopter engines. News

  • Zaporizhia-based OJSC Motor Sich plans to set up a joint venture with the Defense Ministry of News


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