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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Curculionidae.


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The name was formally published, along with a description of the genus, by coleopterist Thomas Casey in 1922. Since there's no word remotely like this in either Greek or Latin, Casey probably just made up a name that would appear at the end of alphabetical lists.


  • (It turns out Stephen had been trying for years to be published in Zyzzyva and Junker's harsh comment was the proverbial straw on the camel's back.)

    Jane Ganahl: Reading as a Spectator Sport

  • San Francisco literati are still talking about an incident a couple of years ago when upstart author Stephen Elliott (New York Literary Lion finalist and author of "The Adderall Diaries") threw a full glass of beer on Zyzzyva magazine founder and editor, the estimable Howard Junker, after he said into the microphone with calm conviction: "Stephen Elliott has no literary merit whatsoever."

    Jane Ganahl: Reading as a Spectator Sport

  • His poems have appeared or are soon forthcoming in The Atlantic Monthly, Prairie Schooner, Zyzzyva, PN Review (UK), The Southern Review, and elsewhere.

    2007 » June

  • Now there are editors (famously, Howard Junker of Zyzzyva) who turn around submissions in two weeks.


  • Finally, John Fox, one of the editors in question and again: a terrific writer, and my former classmate, discusses it here, with Howard Junker, editor of Zyzzyva showing up in the comments.

    2008 May | Entrekin

  • Zyzzyva gets a kind write up in the L.A. Times, with a photo of Mr. Onward himself, if you're curious.

    The Elegant Variation:

  • "Oh, look-there's Xeth and Zyzzyva walking south," Breanna said.

    Zombie Lover

  • "And King Xeth and Zyzzyva will be getting married too," Breanna said.

    Zombie Lover

  • "Whatever your motive, we appreciate the result," Zyzzyva said.

    Zombie Lover

  • Breanna felt Zyzzyva stiffen, then relax, accepting it.

    Zombie Lover


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