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  • adj. first rate or excellent
  • adj. in first class condition


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The symbol used for a first class vessel in Lloyd's Register of Shipping.


  • There have been observed on crystals of barite no less than thirty-four different planes, and in every case the parameters of these planes conform to the expression a1: b1: c1 = m x 1.6107: n x 1: p x 1.2276, in which m, n, and p are either simple whole numbers, or else infinity.

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  • Note, some compilers may be able to optimise construction of 'a1' and 'b1' to be the same as 'c1'; however, conversion rules would still apply, e.g. at most one user-defined conversion.

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  • (QACPP 5012) Justification In constructing both objects 'a1' and 'b1', a temporary String ( "Hello") is constructed first, which is used to copy construct the objects.

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  • While its name has changed over the years, all of its trading names have included "a1" and "radiator" in some form, and it uses the url www. for its web page.

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  • I have many situations where I need to call a variable like 'a1', into a function's parameter .. but sometimes I want to call b1, c1, d1, d3, b5 or d12 etc.

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  • The vertical position of each point is defined relative to the construction line above it, again taking the user defined parameters from the Excel spreadsheet: the vertical distance from point 1 up to the construction line is 'a1'; the vertical distance from point 2 up to the construction line is 'r1'; the vertical distance from point 3 up to the construction line is

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  • document. getElementById ( 'a1'). click is not a function

  • I cut it into about four foot lengths and twist a1/8 eye for the slip noose using six or eight turns.

    Doe any of you know where I could get picture wire?

  • The phone has a beautiful and very highresolutionSuper AMOLED screen and is equipped with a1.4 GHz dual-core processor and 1GB RAM.

    Larry Magid: Hands-On With Sony & Samsung's Pocket-Sized Tablets

  • Rangel' s committee was instrumental in extending a lucrative tax break to Nabors Industries, an oil drilling company, while the congressman was asking its chief executive for a1 million donation.

    Ethics Committee Unfazed By Rangel Walkout; Hearing To Resume Tuesday [UPDATED]


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