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  • noun metrology Symbol for the attowatt, an SI unit of power equal to 10−18 watts.


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  • Someone just sent me a picture of scully wearing a backless dress and a thong. aW, fUCKING cAPS lOCK!


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  • D r aW i t Ask participants to visualize their experience through drawings and diagrams.

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  • Any boot camp person can use an evening to fill in four log pages for an M day and four log pages for aW day.

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  • The allometric equa - tion is Y ¼ aW b, and a log transformation of this Allometric approaches to drug discovery formula yields the straight line: Using limited data, allometric scaling may be use - log Y ¼ b log W þ log a; ful in drug discovery.

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  • We assume that, for the formula Y ¼ aW b, the value of the power function where Y is the pharmacokinetic or physiological 'b' (or slope of the line from a log vs. log plot) is variable of interest, a is the allometric coef fi cient drug independent, unlike the intercept 'a', which is (and log a is the intercept of the line), W is the body drug dependent.

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  • I Wish I was driving you aW the way, then, **. said he.

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