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aberrant +‎ -ly


  • However, if the types of worker that enforce order become too few, or if hive members change into malignant forms that can sidestep control mechanisms to replicate aberrantly, order is replaced by anarchy that ultimately leads to the decline and fall of the bee society.


  • The global fund has an aberrantly low turnover (12% a year), which helps keep costs and taxes down for investors.

    Tweedy's High Performing Global Fund

  • Rapid cellular proliferation, or the insensitivity to growth-arresting signals, or tumor angiogenesis, can all largely be explained by aberrantly activated and inactivated pathways such as ras, Rb, or myc in cancer cells.

    The Emperor of All Maladies

  • But instead of selecting only aberrantly tall young women who weigh 110 pounds, there were beanpole men, tiny old folks, models with jet-black skin and others almost as pale as an albino.

    Science Project

  • In any event, Slate today published an interesting Explainer column about bill length and whether anyone actually reads the whole of a long bill. 1000+ pages is quite long, but apparently not aberrantly so.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Bogus Claims About Health Care Proposals Persist:

  • All that is moving looks shadowed: the great spotted woodpecker whose bouncing flight ahead of me echoes the folds and dips of the fen path appears to have lost its white and red; the buzzard that planed alongside the ditch looked so dark that I thought at first it was an aberrantly dark melanistic bird; the gulls that beat north look no whiter than the cormorants going the other way.

    A Year on the Wing

  • That is: Exposure to lots of images of people who are aberrantly thin creates a skewed impression of what is “normal” or “attractive,” causing some people to go to extremes to conform to the unrealistic standard.

    Contagious Fat Memes

  • That's why diseases caused by aberrantly folded proteins normally begin in middle age and take time to progress.


  • Thus, I would hate to think that this aberrantly poor post from a writer whom, as I said, I usually respect very much should be taken as the last word on this subject.

    <a href="" title="Adler, Drezner, and Levy try to close the glass window on debate, and I say, Aw, come on, you're not gonna say that now.

  • Accordingly, investors should find great value in such an aberrantly high yield level which remains supported by earnings despite charge offs.

    Dividends Declare Gallagher Will Go Higher


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