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  • noun A name in the Philippines of Garuga floribunda, a tree belonging to the Balsameaceæ, with pinnate leaves crowded at the ends of the branches and with fruit in the form of small, fleshy drupes. It is fragrant and yields a gum which is soluble in water, but only slightly so in alcohol.


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Borrowing from Tagalog abilo ("Garuga abilo")


  • Decsne (_Icica Abilo_, Blanco), _abilo_, Tag., the root of which furnishes a decoction used for phthisis.

    The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines

  • Claire discovered that HRG, during his early years at The Company, had been an incorrigibly trigger-happy abilo-phobe until his boss decided that if he just got laid on a regular basis, he would stop killing people with powers and simply falsely imprison them like he was supposed to. - Because visibility matters


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