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  • noun Discrimination or prejudice against people with disabilities, especially physical disabilities.

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  • noun discrimination in favor of the able-bodied


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From able +‎ -ism, patterned on racism, sexism, and heterosexism in meaning.


  • Disablism, also known as ableism, is "the discrimination or prejudice against people with disabilities, especially physical disabilities."

    Blog against disablism on May 1

  • One way that many people with disabilities combat ableism is through Disability Pride.

    Blog against disablism on May 1

  • Disablism is the British equivalent of the American term ableism used to describe discrimination against people with disabilities in favour of people who are not disabled.

    Do It Myself Blog – Glenda Watson Hyatt » 2007 » May

  • However, using that word is an example of ableism, which is another socialized idea that makes those who are not of able body seem lesser than those who are.

    Philocrites: So much for 'Con Con: The Movie.'

  • Some FWD are decrying the "ableism" theme of the story line while at the same time demanding recognition of "disablism".


  • If so, why don't we see more stories about issues such as ableism / disability, classism, ageism, sexism, racism, ... because you don't care enough to pursue stories about diversity, unless of course, it involves President Obama making a perceived mistake.


  • First I should point out that the remark is essentially "ableism" and its no different from the casual racism that opines that so and so just got her or his job because of affirmative action.

    Planet of the Blind

  • Idk, raceism and ableism and misogyny and everything else, somehow the terrible, terrible being-a-teacher is what really gets to me. * sigh*

    My growing feminism will cut you in half like a righteous blade of equality.

  • I mean, far better that trans people run the risk of harassment and assault than cis people face up to the discomfort they feel at having to examine their own privileges and assumptions about the gender binary, normativity, prejudice, discrimination, ableism and so on and so forth …

    Gender neutral toilets head south

  • Because being a feminist is – amongst other things – about actively working to bring about a society in which transphobia, cissexism, trans-misogyny, hate speech, discrimination, prejudice and the oppression of transsexual women by cissexual women is no more acceptable than racism, homophobia, ageism, ableism, you name it.

    Rant’O'Rama #01


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