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  • adj. comparative form of able: more able

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  • adj. comp. of able.


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able +‎ -er


  • It is my present intention to blend the account of your brother's early life, published in the stereotype edition, with certain historical memoranda which he has left in considerable abundance, together with his correspondence, and such authentic anecdotes as I can collect among his friends and acquaintance, into a Biographical Sketch, and perhaps leave the composition and style to some abler pen.

    Letter 388

  • If it was, he is abler and more cunning than I would have imagined.

    Frank A. Weil: Politics in America After Iowa in 2012

  • Fair enough, but a lot of success depends upon innate ability, and once again, who besides Non-Bleeding-Heart Libertarians is completely comfortable with the idea that abler people deserve to be richer?

    What's Wrong With Fraternalism?, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Instead, Gove's eccentric emphasis on a pair of Augustans who are commonly reserved for abler undergraduates suggests that his project for English literature is as instrumentalist as his retro, kings-and-queens version of history.

    Only a sadist would inflict Dryden on our schoolchildren

  • Use it for making yourself keener and abler to take full advantage of the opportunity when it does arrive.

    David Murray: Vital Speeches, Back in the Day

  • But it's now clear that the smarter, abler, cooler, better man who sits in the White House at the moment is doing the business for which he was meant and let's face it: while light years ahead of B-B-Bush (just one of the many reported post-Bush tics) his hoped-for success lay not solely in his election but also in the evolution of those who elected him.

    Steven Weber: Stormy Weather

  • Of course it is most unlikely that I shall accomplish that, but I may at least leave some useful hints and groundwork for abler persons than myself.

    To do

  • He was physically disabled but far abler than many people I know.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • Haven't you argued that abler people deserve more?

    Homage to Catalonia, II, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • But Locke fails to follow this reasoning consistently, for Lockean marriage remains hierarchical: in cases of conflict, “the rule ¦ naturally falls to the man's as the abler and stronger.”

    Marriage and Domestic Partnership


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