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  • preposition Scotland Below.
  • adjective obsolete, postpositive Blossoming, blooming, in blossom.
  • adjective dated, postpositive Blowing or being blown; windy.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From a- +‎ blow.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

a- +‎ blow (“alteration of below”)


  • This week's decision by National Savings & Investments '(NS&I) decision to stop offering its "inflation-beating" index-linked savings certificates is ablow to savers.

    Bank of Baroda tops best-buy savings tables

  • She even took to telling the neighbors sometimes, when they came on those visits that "working folk should a 'hae coal-houses, for coal kept ablow the beds makes an awfu' mess o 'the ticks."

    The Underworld The Story of Robert Sinclair, Miner

  • Her auburn ringlets ablow in the autumn wind, her cheeks whipped to a flush by the breeze's caress, and her eyes sparkling and brimful of tomboyish mischief and roguery!

    Terribly Intimate Portraits

  • Between them was a bed ablow with the starry spikes of June lilies.

    Kilmeny of the Orchard

  • Narcissus bulbs in bowls are ablow with fluttering white flowers, and everywhere are deep-colored jars full of palms and ferns.

    In Seven Stages: A Flying Trip Around the World

  • Or Jock can catch the muir-fowl itsel 'an' eat it ablow a heather buss as gin he war a tod [fox].

    The Lilac Sunbonnet

  • Jock Gordon wull mak 'ye juist as comfortable ablow a heather buss as ever ye war in a bed in the manse.

    The Lilac Sunbonnet

  • "Nane o 'them half the size o' the yin that he fleyed [frightened] frae ablow the big stane," said Andra Kissock, indicating the culprit once more with the stubby great toe of his left foot.

    The Lilac Sunbonnet

  • I hid from them ablow the claes; but they followed me -- they were burning in my brain.

    The House with the Green Shutters

  • "The auld fouk in Drumtochty pit their siller in a pock and hode it ablow their beds, an ', ma certes, that bank didna break;" and Posty went along the avenue, his very back suggestive of a past, cautious, unenterprising, safe and honest.

    Kate Carnegie and Those Ministers


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