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  • v. Present participle of abnegate.


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  • But love that is self-abnegating, all-consuming, and totally erases any kind of independence looks a lot more like domestic violence than fabulous romance, and doormats aren't actually very interesting as protagonists.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • The UK Nannystate is so accustomed to making everything “easier” for its citizenry, so in the habit of removing challenges from the lives of the English people, that it cannot understand the concept of purposely doing something difficult, challenging and self-abnegating.

    September 22nd, 2009

  • Perhaps, like Diogenes, by abnegating what so many of us desire (fame, riches, recognition, social acceptance), Joaquin is prompting us to examine our values.

    Joaquin the Koan

  • Perhaps, like Diogenes, by abnegating what so many of us desire fame, riches, recognition, social acceptance, Joaquin is prompting us to examine our values.

    Pavel Somov, Ph.D.: Joaquin the Koan

  • I, Fenris Badwulf, self-abnegating and least self-aggrandizing servant of You, The People of Mitchieville, wrote this. posted by Fenris Badwulf at 3: 19 AM

    Free Speech? What's that?

  • In other words, the maverick who offers himself up as a possible leader is either promising to be one of the most self-abnegating and self-disciplined people alive or he's warning you he's going to be a tyrant.

    Maverickiness and presumption

  • The problem is not population, it's development and waste and all the evils of our western, nature-abnegating way of life.

    Gabriel Rotello: Earth Day and the Elephant in the Room

  • Sometimes, investors and managers take heroic, self-abnegating efforts to stave off bankruptcy and make their debt payments.

    Default Nation

  • I'm not that smart, he says in a typically self-abnegating tone, when asked about the big picture and hard answers to seemingly insurmountable problems.

    S.D. Liddick: Watching the Detectives

  • Doubling over, walking pigeon-toed, coughing, frail, and self-abnegating (he said "I'm sorry" or "Excuse me" to Cavett about a dozen times), this Jimi Hendrix -- the same one I met and interviewed -- was in retrospect not long for this world, the seeming opposite of his image as the super-macho, highly sexual, guitar-burning "rock demigod."

    Sheila Weller: Interviewing Jimi Hendrix


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