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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of abominate.


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  • He abominated such manifestations of the debasement of the modern age as cars, wireless sets and refrigerators; cherished the past; feared the future; and found in the societies he investigated a way of life and a moral attitude that seemed infinitely more important than anything on offer in the "civilized" West.

    Drawn to Harsh Places

  • Correspondent Edwin Emerson went further, writing that "London, according to his own professions, loathed and abominated the Japanese, and who has learned to appreciate their dominant trait of hiding their own feelings, cannot but realize that a man coming to them with such a disposition need never to get anything out of them."


  • He's back in Palm Beach, out on bail -- paid for by his friend and fellow conservative Roger Hertog -- because the Supreme Court has ruled that he, along with other various abominated businessmen (including former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling), was convicted under a way-too-vague law.

    Michael Wolff: Conrad Black Is My Hero

  • This heap of unpopularity notwithstanding, the Supreme Court said last week the government wrongly prosecuted the abominated Jeff Skilling under something called the "honest services fraud" law.

    A Plague of Vagueness

  • For instance, early in the voyage at Bahia in Brazil he defended and praised slavery, which I abominated, and told me that he had just visited a great slave-owner, who had called up many of his slaves and asked them whether they were happy, and whether they wished to be free, and all answered "No."

    Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D.: Glenn Beck Wrong on Darwin: How Evolution Affirms the Oneness of Humankind

  • Peter abominated plaid as the enemy of paisley, a pattern he loved above all others.

    Why I Can't Be a Hare Krishna

  • He was temperate in eating and drinking, abominated drunkenness, and kept in good health despite every exposure and hardship.

    Charlemagne, King of the Franks, 28 Jan 814

  • "The welfare of the commonwealth was always upon the conscience of Ezekiel Cheever," said Judge Sewall, "and he abominated periwigs."

    'Cheever: A Life'

  • I have loathed the light of the sun, I have shrunk from the commerce of my fellow creatures; the voice of man I have detested, his sight I have abominated! — but oh, more than all should I be abominated myself!


  • Democratic hypocrites should be even more quickly exposed, abominated, and rejected by Democrats.

    Frank Dwyer: Impeach Like Republicans, To Protect the Rule of Law


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