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  • Abroad. Burns. Also spelled abraid.

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  • adverb Abroad.


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From Middle English abrede, on brede, from a-, on ("on") + brede ("breadth"), from Old English brǣdu ("breadth"), from Proto-Germanic *braidīn (“breadth”), from Proto-Indo-European *(s)per-, *(s)prei- (“to destroy, scatter”). Cognate with Dutch breedte ("breadth"), German Breite ("breadth, width"), Swedish bredd ("breadth"). More at broad.


  • In a word, their whole deportment, both at home and abread, [abroad] is improved, and to a greater extent than any, without witnessing it, can well imagine. page 4, P: typo fixed

    Select Temperance Tracts

  • Juft as he was abread of him, prepared aod guarded as the academician was againft a deception of this kind, he verily believed that he heard his aflbciate M. de Fouchf, who was then with the company at above a loo yards diftance, calling after him to return as expeditioufly as poifible.

    The Monthly Review


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