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  • n. Plural form of abridgement.


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  • But, relying on the ethos of political correctness that has resulted in such abridgements of First Amendment freedoms as university speech codes and other restrictive practices, Islamists seek to win what sanction they can to censor others.

    SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 1002

  • While there have been many abridgements and expurgated editions of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn published over the years to make this classic American story accessible to younger readers, and some of these editions are actually for sale in our museum bookstore, they can only be viewed as a prelude to the way that all mature American readers should engage this book.

    Craig Hotchkiss: Rewriting Huckleberry Finn Twists Twain's Intentions

  • The translation into Anglo-Saxon of the Latin Historiarum is highly abridged – it cuts the original seven books down to six, and leaves out large sections of the text (Bately, in her introduction to the text, gives a more complete summary of the textual differences, both the abridgements and additions).

    Getting Anglo-Saxon, or, Anatomy of a First Chapter

  • We read them in snippets, abridgements, condensed versions.

    Canonical Writers

  • The culture mavens will continue to insist on the spiritually pharmaceutical properities of Literature, and the professors will continue to use the snippets and abridgements to advance whatever preconceived agendas they have in mind.

    Canonical Writers

  • With the ongoing abridgements of citizen's Bill of Rights protections, how soon will it be before employers, private insurers, and even lawyers in litigation will be granted access to these public records?

    Rationed Health Care Under Stimulus?

  • FBI that cannot adequately solve a 6 year old terrorist attack from within our own boarders even after illegally abusing revised surveillance laws that are themselves unconstitutional abridgements of our civil rights, a

    Poll: McCain Takes National Lead; Even Besting Obama On The Economy

  • Then start reversing the abridgements of the constitution, treaties, and human rights undertaken with this administration and congress.

    Pelosi: Bush Offers Nothing But "War Without End"

  • Three things have happened of late which are significant in continuing the Constitutional and legal abridgements instituted under George W. Bush.

    Our Rights On the Line - Still

  • For a defense secretary like Robert Gates, who was willing to cooperate in such abridgements of due process under the George W. Bush administration, this may seem like business as usual.

    Taking a Page from the Bush Playbook


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