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  • verb Present participle of absent.


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  • This somewhat estranged him from his family: but in absenting himself, he found no peace; for though he saw less of his mother and sisters than he used to do, he was as fondly attached to them as ever: and while he thought he saw, in the conduct of his mother, new reasons to adhere to that secrecy which it had already given him so much pain to observe, he imputed it all to the influence of the unfeeling and mercenary Mr Woodford, and, in his most gloomy moods, wished that so unhappy a being as he was had never been born.

    The Old Manor House

  • Although I'd love to see a thoughtful exploration of the idea that both cross-dressing girls and dead mothers amount to an "absenting" of the feminine.

    Children's literature's defining phrase,

  • I remember once absenting myself from civilization for weary months.

    The Dignity of Dollars

  • It was a tense affair, with the rightwing mayor absenting herself for the day, but the bones were finally laid to rest in the village graveyard.

    Trial of judge Baltasar Garzón splits a Spain still suffering civil war wounds

  • Like the mother's child in Sdarot, Israel is under constant pressure, its youth and size along with the never-too-often-stressed fact of its being literally surrounded on all sides by countries seeking its destruction is the reason for its militancy and the conscious absenting of context is what reinforces the current woefully inaccurate chronicle.

    Steven Weber: In a Sense, Abroad Part Trois: I's Real, Oy!

  • It ought to have made far better sense for Judas to remain with the disciples, and avoid raising any suspicion by absenting himself.

    Palm Sunday

  • You seem incapable of conceiving that Stern could hold to a sincere ethical judgement that "homosex" is acceptable and that the absenting of it from television is a product of prejudice to be countered.

    An Open Letter to John C. Wright

  • But the majority proved determined, and only by absenting themselves from the assembly—and so robbing the house of its quorum—could the minority prevent it from attempting to “surprise” the people into electing delegates who would approve or disapprove a Constitution that would “entail happiness or misery forever” before the greater part of the state had seen, much less examined, that new plan of government.


  • He had a way of absenting himself from a worksite when there was to be a strike to be put down, a shift to be laid off, or an hourly pay rate to be cut, leaving his foremen to take the heat.


  • Yes, you stood before mike and camera, fielding questions, but at the same time you were silently absenting yourself, posting yourself into the camera that was capturing your talking head for a million reproductions of it.



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