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  • verb Present participle of absolutize.


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  • Their error is in taking a portion of the truth and absolutizing it to represent the entirety of truth.

    Eliot Daley: Can 9/11 Prompt A More Peaceful World?

  • Try absolutizing national security, traditional values, law enforcement, self expression, religious piety, intellectual sophistication, social order... get my point?

    Ian Fletcher: Why Libertarians Are Wrong on Free Trade

  • And what you seem to be doing is not merely absolutizing the text but also absolutizing the context, so that what simply happened to be the ancient context in which the texts were written becomes normative.

    What Is Good?

  • A more critical reading interprets these statements as falsely absolutizing the particular nation of Japan in that in the name of Japan they embrace other nations of the East and then abstractly oppose the East to the West.

    Nishida Kitarô

  • Max Weber, for instance, divided moral philosophy into the ethics of principle, absolutizing ethics (Gesin - nungsethik as he called it — Kant's categorical impera - tive as archetype), and the ethics of accommodation, relativizing ethics (Erfolgsethik — Bentham's utilitarian - ism as archetype).


  • That is why at times I've referred to this as what Meillassoux has called 'absolutizing the correlation' - but with a multiplicitous twist.

    Larval Subjects .

  • Roles With Marriage 117 In their struggle for women's rights, women's libbers, including some evangelical Christians, have made the mistake of absolutizing their own freedom.

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  • The pope explained in the message that while many experience tranquillity and peace when coming into contact with nature, a correct relationship between man and the environment should not lead to "absolutizing nature" or "considering it more important than the human person."

  • Unitarian Universalism often distinguishes itself from absolutizing and universalizing tendencies: our fourth principle encourages a free and responsible search for truth and meaning, regardless of the propositional outcome, so long as it promotes (as opposed to degrades) life.

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  • To this expression is added the anecdote of the search for truth compared to the description of an elephant that is explored and touched by many blind people (each one absolutizing the part that he touches).

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