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  • n. The state or quality of being abundant.


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abundance +‎ -y


  • "There is no way to re-educate consumers within the age-old culture of abundancy, the Siamese twin of the culture of waste," writes financial columnist Joelmir Beting.

    The Perils Of Abundance

  • I loved to dump out all of my candy, and after reveling in the sheer abundancy, I would take inventory.

    Archive 2006-10-01

  • I mentioned fiber optics: their abundancy tends to make things free.

    Chris Anderson of WIRED on tech's Long Tail

  • They also state that abundancy of food has a tendency to tame the males.

    The History of Animals

  • Sometimes the reported "sausages" were not there when he arrived, and sometimes there was a super-abundancy of German airplanes on guard.

    Flying for France. With the American Escadrille at Verdun

  • And the air here was of a great thickness and abundancy, even as it might be the air of this our Age; or maybe more or maybe less; for who may compare two matters with a sure guessing, that do have an eternity to keep them asunder.

    The Night Land: Chapter 8

  • Then, again, the irrigation of a district, which is effected by the snow fields and glaciers of the mountains, is distinguished from that of other places by its comparatively greater abundancy, for the moist air which is driven over the cold mountain peaks deposits there most of the water it contains in the form of snow.

    Ice and Glaciers

  • For all her abundancy of life and feeling, he knew how plastic and impressionable she was, and he dreaded to see that exaltation of her fresh spirit touched with gloom.

    The Project Gutenberg Complete Works of Gilbert Parker

  • The analogy is perfect, -- the industrious cultivator finds the reward of his industry in the abundancy and superiority of his crop.

    What is Property? An Inquiry into the Principle of Right and of Government.

  • All these judgments are confirmed by his latest book, wherein may be noted the same impeccable correctness of language, the same firm grasp upon form, the same abundancy, force and originality of thought that make of him the only thinker among our writers of fiction, the same sad, bitter irony ...

    Brazilian Tales


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