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  • verb archaic Simple past tense and past participle of abuse.


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  • Does he forget that I have constantly to hear him ridiculed and abus'd and is this nothing?

    Letter 186

  • Husband; in all which, she had affronted Heaven and Earth, and flown in the Face of her Family, abus'd her Birth and vertuous Education, and wasted her Youth in the Embraces of a perjur'd Wretch, who now abandon'd her to Grief, Shame and Poverty; with many such grating Reflections, and violent Speeches, wherewith from time to time she persecuted him.

    A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies

  • Wisdom, not capable of being abus'd by false Notions, or wrong Ideas; her noble Soul is so well fortify'd with Constancy, that it is able to resist the most violent Attacks of different Fortune; the Menaces of Adversity can no more affright her, than the Allurements of Honour or Interest entice her; the Crown of Egypt, or the World's Empire are not able to move her Constancy, no not in the least Thought.


  • John Sullivan deposed that he was standing by Mr. Carters garden Door and Michael Ryan afew paces from him, he heard said Evoy desire said Ryan to go inform the girls who were pelting him with stones, and that they would leave it off, Ryan abus'd Evoy, said he would Beat her, and Call'd her a Bawdy House Keeper.

    Gutenber-e Help Page

  • Michael Ryan stated in Petition No. 4 that Elenor Evoy had abus'd him since the last Court day, defendant denied the Charge, Margret Aylward being call'd to support the charge, declar'd that she did not [see] Mrs. Evoy abuse Mr. Ryan, nor did she hear any words pass, She heard Evoy cough but knew not the Intention,

    Gutenber-e Help Page

  • For Playes are good or bad, as they are vs'd, And best inuentions often are abus'd.

    Wrong Side of the River: London's disreputable South Bank in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Jessica A. Browner

  • (Of which her much abus'd hand here is witnesse) 95

    Bussy D'Ambois and The Revenge of Bussy D'Ambois

  • Pounds set down, he told him, _That he'd use him kindly, and take his Bond for Three hundred and fifty pound, including in it the fifty Guineas he had lent him; and for the Ring, since he had in so gross a manner abus'd his

    The London-Bawd: With Her Character and Life Discovering the Various and Subtle Intrigues of Lewd Women

  • Purl, and follows her: And she going towards St. _Antholin's_ Church, he began to think she had been abus'd, and he impos'd upon; but he was quickly convinc'd to the contrary, when he saw her go by the Church, and cross over the way to the Back-side of St. _Thomas Apostles_, and there go into a

    The London-Bawd: With Her Character and Life Discovering the Various and Subtle Intrigues of Lewd Women

  • By those abus'd soules that they teach and governe

    Bussy D'Ambois and The Revenge of Bussy D'Ambois


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