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  • noun Plural of acetabulum.

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  • noun Plural form of acetabulum.


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  • The acetabula are set in double line in all the Cephalopoda excepting in one kind of poulp, where there is but a single row.

    On the Parts of Animals

  • Proboscises and twining tentacles, with acetabula set upon them, act in the same way and have the same structure as those plaited instruments which were used by physicians of old to reduce dislocations of the fingers.

    On the Parts of Animals

  • The megatherium had wide iliacal expansions due to its semi-erect habits; but as its weight was in great part supported by the huge tail, and as the fermora rested in acetabula placed far forward, the leverage necessary to contract the lower portion of the pelvis was absent.

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 447, July 26, 1884

  • The acetabula are smaller and look more distinctly forward (Derry59).

    II. Osteology. 6c. 2. The Pelvis

  • The ischial tuberosities and the acetabula are wider apart, and the former are more everted.

    II. Osteology. 6c. 2. The Pelvis

  • When he was but a child he was constantly tumbling down, due to the heads of the femurs slipping from the acetabula, but reduction was always easy.

    Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine

  • -- Dorsal view of pelvis of Frog, showing the narrow ends of the ilia for attachment to the backbone, and also the close approximation of the acetabula. of the body.

    The Common Frog

  • There is an iliac symphysis and the acetabula are closely applied together.

    The Common Frog

  • The acetabula are closely applied, and that there is an iliac symphysis.

    The Common Frog

  • Thus these elements form a bony disc, and the two sockets (acetabula) destined, respectively, for the heads of the two thigh-bones, come to be closely approximated one against the other.

    The Common Frog


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