achronological love


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  • adj. Not chronological; proceeding through time in a nonlinear fashion


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a- +‎ chronological


  • "achronological" style which back then (and even today by some degree) increases the chances of a film being labelled cool amongst teenagers.

    Box Office Prophets

  • I was originally responding to the summary dismissals of the film (and its story) that were based on the fragmentary evidence of the trailers, to the decision not to see the film because its story can be nothing but "vapid" and improbable -- again, based on the trailers, which are incomplete, achronological snippets of the full film.

    Will You Go See Avatar?

  • Written by Nagaru Tanigawa and illustrated by Noizi Ito, the series currently spans ten volumes, nearly all of which are told in an achronological fashion.

    Light Novels: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya »

  • Dreiser points to the passage where Ford's narrator, John Dowell, offers a purposeful explanation for the achronological arrangement of the book he is said to be setting down:

    David Foster Wallace Thought Readers Are Smart And Tolstoy Was His Role Model

  • The baldness of Dreiser's dismissal of any kind of narrative that doesn't "go forward in a more or less direct line" should seem comical to us now, date-stamped as it is: the convention-thwarting achronological narrative has become a standard feature of film and television, has become conventional.

    David Foster Wallace Thought Readers Are Smart And Tolstoy Was His Role Model

  • * And, finally: wrote incoherent, achronological blog post.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • The achronological, time-stamped life she presents us with includes much of what we're used to in memories of mid-century debauchery: Key parties, happenings, "testosterone poisoning," sex with George Plimpton.

    NPR Topics: News

  • An achronological plot allows Caan to skip over most of the relationship, except for some glossy scenes in swank hotels and restaurants; the beginning of the movie is mainly swinging-dick stuff involving the novelist's buddies and an endless parade of hot women, and the end is swollen with macho brooding before the hero finds the inner strength to accept the advances of another incredible dish (Erika Christensen).

    Chicago Reader

  • Memento, the episodes of the story play out in achronological order, from violent murder in a gay S-M club called the Rectum toward the rape and beating that motivated it and beyond that to earlier and happy times for the heroine (Monica Bellucci) and two of her lovers

    Chicago Reader

  • While Gray's body of work is the inverse of Mr. Soderbergh's, in that all of his monologues are part of on continuing autobiographical impulse, Gray's achronological storytelling has had an influence on Mr. Soderbergh's most formally ambitious films like "The Limey" and "Che," which collapse memory and prophecy into an extremely active present.

    NYT > Home Page


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