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  • n. Plural form of acquiescence.


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  • Nevertheless, I choose to continue to have friends, lovers, acquiescences, family members and strangers and to communicate in the mediums of print, verbally, on the Web, over email, on the phone, etc.

    Scripting News for 4/24/2007 « Scripting News Annex

  • Woops, I typed “acquiescences” but meant “acquaintances” … It was Firefox spellcheck, not Freudian slip.

    Scripting News for 4/24/2007 « Scripting News Annex

  • Evidently this reminder of the purring acquiescences of

    The Sturdy Oak A composite Novel of American Politics by fourteen American authors

  • It was less obscured by those earthy acquiescences, those discretions, that saving sense of proportion, which have made most of us so satisfactorily what we are.

    The Research Magnificent

  • It is careless of coming national cessation and depopulation, careless of the insurgent spirit beneath the acquiescences of Mrs. Smith, careless of its own inevitable defeat in the economic struggle, careless because it can understand none of these things; it is obstinately muddle-headed, asserting what it conceives to be itself against the universe and all other John Smiths whatsoever.

    An Englishman Looks at the World

  • Many a man whose youth was a dream of noble things, who was all for splendid achievements and the service of mankind, peers to-day, by virtue of such acquiescences, from between preposterous lawn sleeves or under a tilted coronet, sucked as dry of his essential honour as a spider sucks a fly.

    Mankind in the Making

  • So long as men are content to work in the grooves set for them by dead men, to derive all their significances from the past, to accept whatever is as right and to drive along before the compulsions of these acquiescences, they may do so.

    Mankind in the Making

  • What made their perfection was that in all these withdrawals, acquiescences and understandings not one of them had given any outward sign.

    The Creators A Comedy

  • There is a fatalistic submission to inferiority on the part of an overwhelming majority of those born poor, they hold themselves cheap in countless ways, and they accept as natural the use of wealth for wanton pleasure and purposes absolutely mischievous, they despair of effort in the public service, and find their only hope in gambling, sharp greedy trading, or in base acquiescences to the rich.

    Mankind in the Making

  • To Blair, her silent acquiescences had been signs that he had won something more than her consent to revenge herself upon David, -- and he wanted more!

    The Iron Woman


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