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  • noun Plural form of acquirement.


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  • Men of modern education suppose that women are only worthy of receiving billet doux, because the extent of their own literary acquirements is that of writing them.

    Letter to the Women of England, on the Injustice of Mental Subordination

  • They have been to school, and had their minds improved in all modern ways, -- have calculated eclipses, and read Virgil, Schiller, and La Fontaine, and understand all about the geological strata, and the different systems of metaphysics, -- so that a person reading the list of their acquirements might be a little appalled at the prospect of entering into conversation with them.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 17, No. 102, April, 1866

  • Gradually, over the mind of the beautiful and gifted Hypatia, there came stealing a doubt concerning the value of her own acquirements, since these were "acquirements," and not evolutions or convictions gathered from experience, but things implanted upon her plastic mind by her father.

    Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great - Volume 10 Little Journeys To The Homes Of Great Teachers

  • Not that I leave it to be inferred that there is not, in these newspapers, the evidences of every kind of acquirements and ability; but that the founders within my knowledge, and those who have made it the _power_ and _success_ that it is, have worked with these ordinary instruments.

    Public School Education

  • If mental qualities are due rather to early surroundings than to actual inheritance, this equality of grandparental influence is incredible in the royal families where Dr. Woods got his material; for the grandchild has been brought up at the court of the paternal grandfather, where he ought to have gotten all his "acquirements," and has perhaps never even seen his maternal grandparents, who therefore could not be expected to impress their mental peculiarities on him by "contagion."

    Applied Eugenics

  • Their education must consist not merely of the training of the mind, but of a weaning from the habits and feelings of their ancestors, and the acquirements of the language, arts and customs of civilised life.

    Iacobucci: Recognizing History of Residential Schools a “Necessary Step” : Law is Cool

  • “I should scarcely expect any animus from a man of your acquirements and knowledge of the world,” the Judge was saying.

    The Benefit of the Doubt

  • Lahore is not only the city of colors, but also a center of academic acquirements for centuries.

    SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 1062

  • It raised bank-reserve acquirements and reduced the bonds that banks can use for collateral in so-called lombard-auction loans of up to one year.

    Russia Raises Reserve Requirements

  • Dr. Hutton possessed, in an eminent degree, the talents, the acquirements, and the temper, which entitle a man to the name of a philosopher.

    Hutton, James


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