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  • noun Plural form of acrosome.


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  • Further analysis revealed that compartments in the sperm known as acrosomes, which contain proteins that breakdown the outer membrane of the egg so that a sperm can enter for fertilization to occur, were malformed.

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  • Seminiferous tubules showed disruption of the normal spermatogenic cycle with abnormal acrosomal development on round spermatids, clumping of acrosomes, misaligned spermatids and the absence of normal elongated spermatids in Ehd1 -/- males.

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  • We discussed spermatogenesis -- how we got from a diploid spermatogonial stem cell to a haploid spermatid -- and then spermiogenesis -- the process by which the spermatids acquire the features of spermatozoa: tails, acrosomes and the like.

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  • Miller DJ (1999) Simple histochemical stain for acrosomes on sperm from several species.

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