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across the board


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  • adj. pertaining to all categories or things
  • adj. a racing bet where one bets that the same competitor will place in first, second and third


Originated with horse racing where an "across the board" bet was one which covered first, second and third on the betting "board." (Wiktionary)


  • But against that, we have to weigh the fact that I personally sat across the table from Carnegie Wilson and persuaded him to drop his plans for ten percent redundancies across the board at Nation Newspapers.

    Conferences are Murder

  • I am certain that these "business track" activities will continue to build enthusiasm across the board for a more extensive AFTA-CER relationship.

    Australia and New Zealand: An Expanding Partnership

  • Crime's down across the board almost eighteen percent. "

    Undead and Unworthy

  • The creation of the Council is important from Australia's point of view not just because of the new dimension it gives to CHOGM discussions but because it builds the same type of government-business cooperation that the Australian Government is fostering across the board in its foreign and trade policies - whether, for example, through the Australia-Indonesia Development

    The Edinburgh CHOGM: The Outcomes and Implications for Australia

  • The message across the board tells the story of the dramatic changes that took place at Jaguar since the company’s takeover by Ford, including renewed engine and assembly plants and a new self-monitoring diagnostic system for the new XK8.

    Experiential Marketing

  • The Pope's excommunication of Elizabeth and his bull depriving her of her throne had whipped Englishmen across the board into a frenzy of Pope-and-foreigner-hating.

    Mary Queen Of Scotland And The Isles

  • "Adam Heriet," said the steward readily, and drew across the board the horn his lord filled for him.

    An Excellent Mystery

  • As he dialled Priscilla’s number, he saw that someone had scrawled across the board holding the phone instructions “She doesn’t love you.

    Death of a Scriptwriter

  • Rodriguez was a gofer, or as us chess masters like to say, a pawn, and as I ponder that, Zeke reaches across the board with the precision of a pickpocket and plucks my queen off her square.

    Beach Road

  • But to put it in its historical context, when the previous Government came to office, when you look at the gap in staffing between 1996 and 1998, where you can see the effect of cuts that were made in the then Howard Government's first year, there's something like a 500 staff cut across the board in terms of Australian staff and about 130 staff cut from overseas.

    Sky News: Interview with Ashleigh Gillon - Transcript, 18 March 2009 - The Hon Stephen Smith MP, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs


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