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  • noun Plural form of actinide.


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  • The new reactor would immediately burn up actinides, radioactive uranium isotopes.

    New Nuclear Reactors May Destroy Atomic Waste | Inhabitat

  • MOX fuel has greater concentrations of "actinides," or radioactive elements and runs hotter than conventional fuel, so a shut down plant would have to deal with more "decay" or residual heat from fuel rods.

    Officials Struggle to Prevent Meltdown at Two Reactors

  • The use of thorium instead of uranium means that less actinides are produced in the ADS itself.


  • Fission products are removed continuously and the actinides are fully recycled, while plutonium and other actinides can be added along with uranium-238 (238U) without the need for fuel fabrication.

    Generation IV nuclear reactors

  • There is therefore the possibility of sustaining a fission reaction which can readily be turned off, and used either for power generation or destruction of actinides resulting from the U/Pu fuel cycle.


  • The radiotoxicity of these wastes would be relatively short-lived compared with the actinides (long-lived alpha-emitting transuranic isotopes) from a fission reactor.

    Nuclear fusion power

  • Three variants are proposed: a 50-150 MWe type with actinides incorporated into a U-Pu metal fuel requiring electrometallurgical processing (pyroprocessing) integrated on site; a 300-1500 MWe pool-type version of this, and a 600-1500 MWe type with conventional MOX fuel and advanced aqueous reprocessing in central facilities elsewhere.

    Generation IV nuclear reactors

  • As with the SFR, used fuel would be reprocessed on site and all actinides would be recycled to minimize production of long-lived radioactive wastes.

    Generation IV nuclear reactors

  • Lead-cooled fast reactors: The LFR is a flexible fast neutron reactor which can use depleted uranium or thorium fuel matrices, and burn actinides from LWR fuel.

    Generation IV nuclear reactors

  • The first stage will lead to demonstration fuel containing minor actinides being used in Japan's Monju reactor.

    Generation IV nuclear reactors


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