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  • n. Belief that actuality and existence are co‐extensive: i.e., that only actual things exist, that there are not, in addition to the actual, any possibility (possible entities).

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  • n. In metaphysics, the doctrine that all existence is truly active or spiritual, and not dead or inert.


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actual +‎ -ism


  • His actualism is a distinctly metaphysical actualism: singularis.

    The Fire and the Rose

  • That is, Hegel falls into what might be called "actualism" or the thesis that the being of entities is exhausted by their manifestation in actuality.

    Larval Subjects .

  • Anyone can argue actualism at this point – feel free to do so.

    A Disclaimer for Behe?

  • This is compatible with actualism, provided that all such objects are actual in the sense of actually existing (Linsky and Zalta 1994, also Williamson 1998).

    Possible Objects

  • Famously, the two main options in the metaphysics of modality are David Lewis '(so-called extreme) modal realism, and ersatzism (or actualism, or abstractionism) in its various forms.

    Impossible Worlds

  • Another concern about this proposal is rooted in the metaphysical doctrine of actualism.

    The Nonidentity Problem

  • Since every state of affairs has its modal status in every possible world, every state of affairs exists in every possible world if we assume that the principle of actualism

    States of Affairs

  • W1 to have any properties in W1 (if serious actualism is true).

    States of Affairs

  • Another example is serious actualism: the proposition that an object has properties only in worlds in which it exists.

    Warranted Christian Belief

  • [129] This proposition has intuitive warrant, intuitive support, and can be deduced from actualism, together with other obvious principles; but it isn't just self-evident.

    Warranted Christian Belief


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