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  • noun Plural form of actualization.


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  • Nothing ever instantiates the sheer frozen stasis of the actual nor the sheer differential dispersion of the virtual; rather, natural or worldly processes are always and only actualizations, that is, they are processes of actualization structured by virtual multiplicities and heading toward an actual state they never quite attain.

    Gilles Deleuze

  • On the other hand, the relational interpretation takes the quantum events q, that is, the actualizations of values of physical quantities, as the basic elements of reality (see Section 1.1 above) and such q's are assumed to be univocal.

    Relational Quantum Mechanics

  • This world both represents and is human history, public memories and private memories turned public, the records and actualizations of human intentions.


  • Whether he speaks of the actualizations of an essence, predicates of a subject, values of a function, perceptions of an appetite, cogitations of a will, ends of reason, harmonies of a rule of order, it is clear that Leibniz envisions “effects” which are different in kind from their

    Leibniz on Causation

  • All creatures are partial actualizations of truth.


  • We make requests to be able to develop the same type of realizations, insights and actualizations as our spiritual mentor.

    A Commentary on Attitude-Training Like the Rays of the Sun - His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama ��� Day Two: The Four Thoughts that Turn the Mind to the Dharma

  • From her, other communities in every corner of the world will be born, particular Churches that are all and always actualizations of the one and only Church of Christ.

    Archive 2008-05-11

  • I will say however what is interesting is that both of these institutions were dreamed up by great visionaries Justice Brandeis & Shlomo Bardin for BBI, and Mordechai Kaplan for the UJ who ultimately had little if anything at all to do with the actualizations of their places.

    What’s in a Name? | Jewschool

  • Means for actualizations (sgrubs-pa, Skt. pratipatti).

    The Sixteen Aspects and Sixteen Distorted Ways of Embracing the Four Noble Truths

  • But numerical relations are not actualized except in the sense which has been elsewhere stated; actualizations in the sense of movement they have not.



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