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  • adjective Without, or irrespective of, culture (customs and habits).


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a- +‎ cultural


  •  Our time inFijihas been acultural exchangein the best sense of the word.

    Celebrating Difference

  • Johnson once told me when I was visiting him and his long-term, constant intellectual partner and wife, Sheila Johnson, that the UCSD School of International Relations and Pacific Studies no longer either really taught international relations or pacific studies -- and that a student's entire first year was focused on acultural skill set development in economics and statistics.

    Steve Clemons: The Impact Today and Tomorrow of Chalmers Johnson

  • As for culture – I like to claim that I am acultural or that all my culture comes from cartoons, plus I know a lot of song lyrics and lines from movies which to me counts as culture.

    Firedoglake » Lieberman Distorts His Record

  • The Sloan had doubted his ability to stoop to the acultural depths of sportscasting.

    Murder Without Icing

  • Now to go straight to the heart of the matter, we begin to suspect that an 'acultural language' is something more or less like Kant's 'Thing-in-itself'.

    "MAIN" via Steve in Google Reader

  • The addition of a dozen or so newly renovated rooms in the bowels of the Capitol represents acultural shift in the custom-bound institution, made possible by moving a Capitol Police facility from the building's basement into the new, $621 million Capitol Visitor Center. - News

  • What he saw as distinctive of capitalism was the disembedding of markets - and the transformation of 'the economy' into abstract, acultural spaces.


  • In addition to these have been seen as alternatives, and to evolved from an acultural organism to core elements is the extent to which be in con fl ict with one another.

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  • If Tolstoy, or the Amish, live apart from certain state institutions, or from mainstream technology and consumerism, they succeed only in establishing countercultures, not in becoming acultural.



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