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  • noun Plural form of addictive.


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  • The game were successful for his epicness, and of course because are pretty addictives, but mainly for that, and now Fox want to take that away, just because are cheap.

    Gears of War Movie Falls Back into Development Heck | /Film

  • Many addictives that are not toxic in their own right, such as menthol, contribute to the appeal of the product in ways that reinforce exposure to other toxins found in tobacco.

    New Smoking Bill in Congress based on Compromise with Philip Morris

  • The main important causes of allergy are consumption of processed foods, which are full of addictives that cause powerful reactions.

    Natural Remedies for Curing Allergies

  • There are so many chemical addictives and added sugars to conventional food.

    Philocrites: This week at What's for dinner?

  • But the truth is i love you not in the creepy way like i love your books because your an awesome writer by far the best that i have read. for edward at the rest of twilight addictives.

    Entertainment Weekly's Hollywood Insider

  • The issue is not whether or not smoking is less of more harmfull than alcohol or other addictives. the issue is that not only the perpetrator suffers from smoking but everyone around them too. smokers are selfish and harm those around them with their secondary smoke. i know this as i am a smoker. but yes, quitting is easier said than done. dont be so bloody petty and emotive.


  • Vpower is also RON98 with added addictives, sure so much difference in mileage?

  • He said when the electromagnetic waves cause the liquid in the food to move, the temperature will also cause the plastic to secrete some of the addictives used in producing it and dissolve into the food.


  • Note that those addictives are there to make smoking a MILDER experience, so the user can inhale LARGER quantities of nicotine quickly. Main RSS Feed

  • Chemical and food addictives aside, the biggest difference between the two is price: the store brand is about half the cost.


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