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from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun An apparatus for placing addresses on newspaper-wrappers, etc.
  • noun These machines are of several kinds: A small apparatus, operated by hand, for cutting from a prepared paper ribbon of printed addresses one address at a time and pasting it on the wrapper.
  • noun A machine for stenciling addresses, etc., on wrappers or cards. The stencils, made on parchment and reinforced by a cardboard frame, are prepared by a perforating-device attached to a type-writer. When ready, the stencils are placed in alphabetical order in the hopper of a special form of stenciling-press and automatically fed to the inking-roller and then passed to the press, which forces enough ink through the stencil to make a clear impression on the wrapper. The stencils are then relieved of surplus ink and delivered to another hopper, which retains them in regular order ready for use again. The machine stencils the addresses on a continuous roll of paper, and cuts off, counts, and delivers the wrappers in the same order as that of the stencils.
  • noun A press for printing addresses, etc., from embossed type. The addresses are embossed in a special form of power type-writer on ribbons of type-metal, and are then, in a special machine, cut apart and fitted with locking hinges, and made up by hand into chains or ribbons. A ribbon on a spool is placed in a power printing-press and automatically fed to the inking-rollers and to the press; each addressed type-plate is printed in turn, and the chain is rewound on another spool. The addresses are printed on a continuous roll, cut, and counted in regular order. A smaller machine of this type is fed by hand and operated by foot-power.


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