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  • noun An element in compound words of Greek origin, meaning gland.


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  • Certain adeno-viruses of man fail to cause any tumors in their human hosts yet do this in small mammals to which they are foreign.

    Peyton Rous - Nobel Lecture

  • Many drug developers continue to choose a common virus, called adeno-associated virus, as the gene delivery vehicle.


  • That so-called adeno-associated virus (AAV) is particularly good at targeting new genetic material to the liver.


  • They take an adeno-associated virus — a virus which is usually present in humans but not known to cause disease — remove most of its genes and patch a shiny, new, properly functioning version of the rpe65 gene into it.

    Science Question From a Toddler: What do blind people see? Boing Boing

  • In collaboration with my colleague Jörg Schlehofer, we were also able to demonstrate that herpes simplex virus, but also other herpes -, adeno -, and vaccinia virus infections of polyoma - or papillomavirus DNA harbouring cells, resulted in amplification of the DNA of the latter.

    Harald zur Hausen - Autobiography

  • I also identified a novel adeno-associated virus, now labelled AAV-5, from my own skin scrapings.

    Harald zur Hausen - Autobiography

  • That was for a single incident of adeno carcinoma (a lung lobectomy with complications requiring a second surgery to remove mrsa fluid congealed in my chest cavity).

    Think Progress » Insurer Denies Life-Prolonging Treatment To Five-Year-Old Boy With Cancer

  • But newer vectors, such as "adeno-associated virus," are yielding better results with fewer side effects.

    A Revolution In Medicine

  • They include canine distemper virus, RAV7 and MAM1 avian viruses, the Borna virus in rats – which is also linked with depression in humans, types of scrapie, three adeno viruses including AD5, AD36 and AD37 which cause fat gain in several species, and chlamydia pneumonae bacteria.

    New Vaccine May Stop People from Getting Fat | Impact Lab

  • Mr Dhurandhar became interested in viral causes of obesity while working as a family physician in Bombay in the 1980s, during a severe outbreak of SMAM1, an adeno virus that kills chickens.

    New Vaccine May Stop People from Getting Fat | Impact Lab


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