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  • adverb With great skill or knowledge.


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adept +‎ -ly


  • The team is well-balanced with Johnson distributing and rarely shooting, Avant being a defensive specialist and Bodden and Morentin passing adeptly from the low blocks. - East Rutherford Region

  • He made his name by adeptly adding to the jazz legacy of his hometown of New Orleans even as his music has grown increasingly progressive. Front Page

  • But, as one of his own commenters pointed out so adeptly, that is precisely the point:

    The Volokh Conspiracy

  • I previously noted how "adeptly" Goldman Sachs manages its risk: "Goldman's Undisclosed Role in AIG's Distress".

    Janet Tavakoli: Goldman Sachs Responds To The New York Times

  • I previously noted how "adeptly" Goldman Sachs manages its risk: "

    The Full Feed from

  • The opposite is, of course, equally true: boring, grey, unexceptional events slip from our memories as adeptly as they escape the attention of our eyes and ears.

    The power of mnemonics

  • He used television adeptly and appeared for unscripted question-and-answer sessions with the public, revealing a respect for ordinary people that was completely foreign at the time.

    The Return

  • But while these methods and systems are adeptly applied to the media they were derived from, they aren't adequate to identifying or analyzing the vocabulary of sculpture, particularly that sculpture imbued with the maximalist language that Barney's sculptures speak.

    G. Roger Denson: From Detroit, Egypt: Matthew Barney Resurrects an American God

  • While it is certainly the case that al-Qaeda and other jihadist groups have used the Web quite adeptly for propaganda and recruitment, there is no evidence that any terrorist attack anywhere has been successfully operationalized or coordinated mainly through the Internet.

    The Longest War

  • He adeptly painted opponent Sharron Angle as an extremist immediately after she won her primary – and proceeded to make the contest as much about her awkward and unconventional statements as Reid's own troubles.

    How Harry Reid Won


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