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  • noun Plural form of adjoint.


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  • Not only can logical operations be described as adjoints, but they naturally arise as adjoints to basic operations.

    Category Theory

  • Hodge duality on Euclidean spaces has a partial analogue for Hilbert spaces, namely the adjoints for Hilbert spaces especially simple (when compared with the more subtle theory of duality for, say, Banach spaces).

    What's new

  • Limits, colimits, and all the fundamental constructions of category theory can be described as adjoints.

    Category Theory

  • Not only does the existence of adjoints to given functors permit definitions of abstract categories (and presumably those which are defined by such means have a privileged status) but as we mentioned earlier, many important theorems and even theories in various fields can be seen as equivalent to the existence of specific functors between particular categories.

    Category Theory

  • Furthermore, and this is a key element, the standard universal and existential quantifiers can be shown to be arising as adjoints to the operation of substitution.

    Category Theory

  • Firstly, adjoints are unique up to isomorphism; that is any two left adjoints F and F 'of a functor G are naturally isomorphic.

    Category Theory

  • ISE (ingénieurs statisticiens économistes), la filière ITS (ingénieurs des travaux statistiques), la filière AD (adjoints techniques) et la filière AT

    Entretiens / Interviews / Entrevistas

  • The canton was reduced to the status of a judicial district and the commune was restored as the basal administrative unit; [508] but it was stipulated that the mayor, the _adjoints_, or deputies, and the council of the commune should be no longer elective, but should be appointed by the central government, directly or by its departmental agents.

    The Governments of Europe

  • Away in the background some of them had familiars or casual prompters to whose counsels they were wont to listen, but many of the adjoints who moved in the limelight of the world-stage were gritless and pithless.

    The Inside Story of the Peace Conference

  • Deputy-mayors, adjoints, were coming and going, and liveried officials bustled about, glancing at me from time to time, but without any impertinent curiosity.

    In the Heart of the Vosges And Other Sketches by a "Devious Traveller"


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