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  • n. Plural form of adjunct.


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  • If, however, the number of potential cyber-adjuncts is greater than the market for them, pay might stay the same.

    The Most Important Story You Know Nothing About

  • Do some digging and find out how (and if) hundreds of long-term adjuncts get jobs. - Today's News

  • I agree that many of our adjuncts are a great credit to the school, and that we pay them peanuts compared to what they give to us and to our students -- I usually call them "donors" when I talk to them. Patricia D. White to Be Dean of University of Miami School of Law

  • I think the adjuncts are also great assets to the school - yet they get paid peanuts for their valuable time while the school spends money on frequently catered lunches for the practice of law rejects ... Patricia D. White to Be Dean of University of Miami School of Law

  • Man was the dominant maggot now -- why should he in his pride suppose that he and his adjuncts were the first maggots -- or the last to rule a planet quick with unguessed life?

    People of the Dark

  • Besides persons and causes, the exordium likewise is sometimes taken from their adjuncts, that is, from things relating to the cause and persons.

    The Training of a Public Speaker

  • The adjuncts are the barber, the wash man, the tailor, and the watchman.

    Tales of the Malayan Coast From Penang to the Philippines

  • The need for part-time professors, known as adjuncts, is high right now.

    NYT > Home Page

  • And the corporate model that's now imposed on so many universities, the way students -- and citizens in general -- are encouraged to see us as lazy idiots, that our funding is always in flux, that new hires are too often classified as adjuncts despite their teaching real classes more than full time (just as low-paid "rural carriers" lined suburban streets -- delivering mail from your Honda Civic now replaced by holding office hours from the Civic's hatchback), that tenure is sometimes denied for ridiculous reasons and then given to someone else for even more absurd reasons, well the only thing that's prevented someone "going professor" up to this point is our cadre's (in general) liberal leanings and therefore decreased likelihood of owning a firearm.

    Rate Your Students

  • As you can tell from many of my posts, I am disturbed when I hear purported academics making broad generalizations regarding "adjuncts" or "non-TT" positions, whether it be the ethical issues of taking an adjuncting job, referring to adjunct jobs as "mcJobs", etc.

    CHE > Latest news


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