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  • verb Third-person singular simple present indicative form of adulate.


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  • The people our media adulates, and thus the folks many of us look up to, are people with complex deals in the offing, complex living arrangements, complicated travel schedules, complicated contracts and options and complex choices to make.

    Arthur Rosenfeld: The Simple Life

  • And of course, if he was right, the particular “designer” he adulates would be one that deliberately inflicts humans - including many small children - with malaria.

    No metazoan is an island - The Panda's Thumb

  • The written – or, more frequently, the printed word – adulates the ‘democratic’ ‘progressive’ ‘modern’ ‘forward-looking’ man, woman, or nation.


  • His friend, white and well read with no ambition, adulates him.


  • And to think that the nineteenth century takes on airs and adulates itself.


  • Italian princes, extols the House of France and adulates Marie de

    Renaissance in Italy, Volumes 1 and 2 The Catholic Reaction

  • Al-Qaida is more like an organization, and its leaders seldom have a lot of local support (the Arabs in the northwest of Pakistan are not embedded in a local population that adulates them, but rather live among Pashtuns who have a variety of views of Arab expatriates).


  • The British web site, in its English version, makes a biased request against president Chávez, by signaling that the relation of the sector that supports him, adulates him and that those who oppose him, hates him: it would seem as if no ...

  • Let's see how Baitz adulates Obama to the point of worship.

    Latest Articles

  • Bach, Beethoven and Wagner), and the concluding part of The Birth of Tragedy, in effect, adulates the emerging German artistic, tragic spirit as the potential savior of European culture.

    Friedrich Nietzsche


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