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  • noun Plural form of adulterator.


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  • If they believe in these literal words of their bibles, then they need to get stoning committees together to carry out the sentences upon the abominable adulterators.

    Filmmaker Waters: Let’s ban heterosexual divorce

  • Chinas answer to a few of the Melamine adulterators was harsh, Death, however they made a few an example but did and will not stop all such.

    The Most Evil Corporations, Industries and Orgs

  • The punishment was directed more particularly against the offending member; and adulterators of money, falsifiers of weights and measures, forgers of seals or signatures, and scribes who altered any signed document by erasures or additions, without the authority of the parties, were condemned to lose both their hands.

    Museum of Antiquity A Description of Ancient Life

  • The importance of soap as an indispensable article in the household has not restrained the adulterators from making it a favorite object of their operations, and at the present day soap is only very rarely what it should be, the alkaline salt of a fatty acid with about 15 per cent. of water, which may be increased in case of soft soaps to 30 per cent. at most.

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 392, July 7, 1883

  • Hus cried out the falsifiers ought to be executed the same as recently the two adulterators of food.

    John Hus A brief story of the life of a martyr

  • Postgate, a country physician, seeing the abuses perpetrated by adulterators of every class, took the matter in hand and after years of persistent effort, beginning with only one supporter in Parliament, Mr. Scholefield, and with all the large manufacturers and dealers in Great Britain hounding and denouncing him, succeeded at last in having his ideas adopted as embodied in the adulteration acts of the last decade.

    Recollections and reflections : an auto of half a century and more,

  • I purpose to push the claim advanced to its legitimate conclusion and to arraign the counterfeiters and adulterators of meat, drink, and medicine as one of the most criminal of the criminal classes, and hence meet and fitting one for the eye of the law and the heavy hand of the law.

    Recollections and reflections : an auto of half a century and more,

  • I have learned also that they have a large number of white imitators and adulterators.

    The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man

  • All the while unbelievers laugh; men of weak faith are shaken; faith is uncertain; souls are drenched in ignorance, because adulterators of the word imitate the truth.

    NPNF2-08. Basil: Letters and Select Works

  • Evidence is procurable that they have been an artificially-reared people, feeding on the genius of inventors, transposers, adulterators, instead of the products of nature, for the last half century; and it is unfair to affirm of them that they are positively this or that.

    Complete Short Works of George Meredith


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