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  • verb Present participle of adulter.


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  • Conservatives will always support Dim Wit, Bible thumping adultering hypocritical racially insensitive homophobic anti-immigrant socially repressive talibanistic people because the alternative, is an educated black man with his liberal socialist ideas and his ethnically diverse followers .... bhooo sounds scary.

    Palin ally: 'Life is not happy for her' right now

  • Senator and adultering "maybe-baby Daddy" John Edwards and the ever-entertaining former straitlaced New York Governor and "hooker acolyte" Eliot Spitzer to keep the nation amused with their hetero - and homosexual peccadilloes.

    Gary Cohan: The Republican Summer Olympics of 2009

  • She offers short term solutions, negativity, not knowing the difference between sniper fire and flowers, countless scandals the republicans are just waiting to use against her and her adultering husband.

    New Obama response spot on the gas tax

  • It's about time he went to war with this neocon-wannabe, flip-flopping, serial adultering scumbag.

    Obama: If They Bring A Knife, We Bring A Gun

  • Jane Smith is now separated from her adultering, bank account siphoning, con man of a husband?

    Jamie Reidy: Facebook Status: Shocked?

  • Frank, have you got a word for adultering, unprincipled hypocrite?

    Spitzer's Whore Should Not Make a Nickel

  • Over the next seven decades, Todd lived, on the one hand, an ordinary life -- serving in both world wars, marrying, siring children, adultering, divorcing, paying bills, feuding with his brother -- and on the other a most extraordinary one.

    Revisiting an Old Friend

  • So was adultering, media-concentrating Bill Clinton.

    Bad Leadership Leads to Careless Society

  • So, as much as people will want to remember him as someone who was courageous enough to face his true self, me, I ` m going to choose to remember him as a lying, adultering, crooked politician that risked the health and safety of not only his family, but his entire state.

    CNN Transcript Sep 13, 2006

  • And really the most fun kind of Christianity: the slave-holding serial-adultering wig-wearing wealthy white kind.

    The Objectivity Objective. - The Panda's Thumb


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