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  • noun Plural form of adumbration.


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  • He had acquired considerable writing experience and gained confidence and facility as a writer; although his writing was still a bit self-conscious in that he artificially exercises his vocabulary using "autochthons", "abjurations" and "adumbrations" in three consecutive sentences!

    Husky — The Wolf Dog of the North

  • A mule is stubborn, and may manifest glimmering adumbrations of cunning; but the husky can be characterized as pertinacious, deceitful, sharp, and, above all, well capable of deductive reasoning.

    Husky — The Wolf Dog of the North

  • They are a very primitive people, manifesting but mere glimmering adumbrations of that tremendous artifice, Civilisation.


  • Nevertheless, as this narrative will show later on, we betrayed glimmering adumbrations of the monogamy that was later to give power to, and make mighty, such tribes as embraced it.


  • And these, in turn, vaguely merging each into each, present glimmering adumbrations of the coming human solidarity which shall be man's crowning glory.

    The Shrinkage of the Planet

  • Plus, there are so many mini-apocalypses in life, all adumbrations of the big one down the road.

    The Best American Poetry 2010

  • His high-gloss, psychedelic adumbrations of the human form, ranging all the way from miniature to monumental, combine the terminally cute with the hideously grotesque, sci-fi anime with fairy tale, the child's innocence with the overtly obscene.

    Peter Clothier: The Buddha: A Disturbing Image

  • I wrote a lengthy post giving examples and referring back to Kroton's adumbrations of Melanie's errors.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • I see them as scarce adumbrations of forty years passed and burned in a night and the turning of a year, before I grow weary let me say with awe – I was there.

    Woodford Revisited (rev)

  • The attempt to reassemble a crucial moment in time out of patches and adumbrations—Marvin in his darkroom borrowing a powerful theme and using it to locate a small white innocent object bouncing around a ballpark.



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